Interested in growing the Montco Green Party?

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities. If you're interested, please contact us at montcopagreens@gmail.com.

Canvassing: Talking to people, distributing seed packets or flyers.

Tabling: Manning the Green table at an event. Talking to potential voters, and distributing Green information.

Writing: Writing blog posts for the Montco Greens about local news, the Green Party itself, or issues of interest. Editing of other's writing is also helpful.

Facebook Editor: Be an editor on the Montco Greens FB page. Post information about Montco, the Green Party, and issues of interest. Create and promote Montco Greens events.

Twitter Editor: Post tweets to the Montco GreensTwitter page. Promote Montco Greens events. The use of Tweetdeck is required.

Event planning: Help find locations for events and help set up the event. Find locations for future events.

Artist/Graphics: Create artwork and templates for organizing material, like flyers, banners, or buttons. Create reusable templates for both the Montco Greens and its candidates.

Petitioner (seasonal, as required): collect signatures to get Green Party candidates on the ballot. Travel opportunities outside Montco may be available.

Manning polling place (election days): Promote Green Party candidates at the polls. Travel opportunities outside Montco may be available.

Phonebanking: Call interested people to keep them informed, conduct telephone surveys, or fundraise. We do not cold-call random numbers.

Marketing: Help the Montco Greens develop marketing campaigns to promote the party and its candidates.

Research: Conduct research into issues, legislation, and local politics. Report your findings to the Montco Greens.

Speaker: Speak at events on behalf of the Montco Greens or its candidates.

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