Party Offices

If you are registered Green living in Montgomery County you can hold elected Party office. The following is meant as a guide, not an exhaustive list of responsibilities.

Chair: Leads the Montco Greens. Sets business meeting agenda and chairs the meeting, unless delegated. Has backup access to Montco Greens website, social media, and bank account. Organizes volunteer operations.

Secretary: Records meeting minutes. Maintains party records, social media accounts, and our website, unless delegated.

Treasurer: Collects and spends money on behalf of Montco Greens. Updates membership on finances. Keeps financial records and completes campaign finance reporting.

At Large (4 max): Commits to attending Montco Greens functions. Assists with party business and organizing volunteers.

Delegate to GPPA State Committee: Attend GPPA meetings and vote for candidates and party officers. Approve GPPA expenses.

Officers are elected every January by registered Greens living in Montgomery County. Special elections for vacant offices are held as required.