Feb 2, 2018

Of Democrats and Greens

What one thing does the Democratic Party want from its candidates? The answer will amaze and astound!

How is the Green Party different?

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Posted by: briang

An article in the Intercept, written by a former candidate for US House in PA's 7th district (Meehan's district right now), describes what the Democratic Party seeks in its candidates. Surprise! Just money. To them, money is the only measure for how viable a candidate is.

Money is definitely necessary for a political campaign, but remember that the money is only for promoting a candidacy and convincing voters to vote. Expensive consultants tend to suck down most of that money; the rest is spent on TV advertising.

Greens require that our candidates support the Ten Key Values. We know that money is required, but we also know that we won't outfundraise the major parties. But we don't need to outfundraise them. Studies show that the most effective method of campaigning is person-to-person, not expensive TV ads, legions of consultants, or even shiny new technology. Our candidates use the money we raise on campaign basics, like canvassing materials, signs, and events.

So if you want to help the Greens break big money, feel free to contribute or volunteer. Considering running for office yourself as a Green? Green Wave should be your first stop.